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Rick and Morty Grinders Psychedelic

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The purpose of an herb grinder is to grind marijuana buds down to a finer consistency that is smooth and balanced. Grinders are used primarily to improve the smoking experience by breaking down cannabis flower evenly. Metal grinders are easy to clean and the teeth tend to stay sharper, making it easier to break down flower.

4-chamber grinder includes:

  • A lid
  • Grinder bottom
  • Storage chamber
  • Kief catcher
  • Scraper

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3 reviews for Rick and Morty Grinders Psychedelic

  1. john.brandt (verified owner)

    Great grinder. Best I’ve seen.

  2. vanceconway (verified owner)

    Works great. I love grinding up my fresh buds with this new grinder. Great value for the price.

  3. edibleislife (verified owner)

    Im gonna go ahead and give this bad boy 5 stars…this is a really nice grinder..very sleek…grinds to perfection…seems very durable…and for the price as cant really beat that.

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