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Ice Cream – Live Resin – Indica – AAAA by THE BOSS

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Ice Cream is an Indica dominant marijuana strain with an Indica/ Sativa content of 60/40 percent. It is hybrid cannabis produced by Paradise Seeds. It has dark green and long leaves. The strain has green colored buds with frosty trichomes and reddish hair. It is rated as grade A+ strain by most of the tokers. It has an indoor flowering period that ranges from 55 to 60 days and has a good yield of more than 500g/m2. It has a smooth smoke that feels quite good inside. It has a lovely sweet aroma that is similar to that of sweet candy ice cream. Its taste is excellent and makes you feel as if you are eating a smooth and creamy ice cream. It produces a buzz that affects your head and body equally and is quite strong. Ice cream is very potent cannabis so its THC level is expected to be moderate to high. The numbing sensation produced by the strain lasts for quite a while on your system. It is a good treatment for stress, anxiety, depression and loss of appetite. It is safe to smoke but tends to make your eyes and mouth quite dry. Some people experience dizziness, paranoia and anxiety after using it too.

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Ice Cream – Live Resin cannabis is a true treat for both the senses and the soul. This strain has garnered a loyal following due to its mouthwatering flavor and enjoyable effects. With a taste that’s reminiscent of a scoop of velvety  Ice Cream on a hot summer day, it’s easy to see why this strain has become a sought-after favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

Flavor Profile

One of the most distinctive features of $88 – Ice Cream is its delightful flavor profile. Upon inhaling, you’ll be greeted by a smooth and sweet taste that mirrors the creamy goodness of a bowl of vanilla ice cream. The gentle exhale leaves a subtle hint of sugary goodness on the palate. These delectable flavors make every hit a memorable and satisfying experience.


As you break apart the buds of Ice Cream, the room will be filled with a pleasant and enticing aroma. Hints of vanilla and sweet candy will intermingle, creating a scent that is both inviting and comforting. The fragrance alone can transport you to a blissful state of relaxation even before the first puff.


Ice Cream’s effects are equally enchanting. This strain’s balanced genetic makeup delivers a harmonious blend of physical and mental sensations. The high begins with a gentle euphoria that uplifts the spirit and brings a sense of happiness. As tension melts away, a soothing body buzz takes over, easing muscles and encouraging a deep sense of calm.

Medical Benefits

Aside from its recreational appeal, Ice Cream cannabis also offers potential therapeutic benefits. Its relaxation-inducing properties can be especially beneficial for stress relief, anxiety, and mild mood disorders. Moreover, the strain’s analgesic properties may help alleviate minor aches and pains, making it a potential option for those seeking natural pain relief.


Ice Cream is a relatively easy strain to cultivate, making it a popular choice for growers of all experience levels. It typically thrives both indoors and outdoors, producing dense, resinous buds that boast a striking, frosty appearance. Novice cultivators will appreciate its forgiving nature, while experienced growers can bring out its full potential through advanced techniques.


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1 review for Ice Cream – Live Resin – Indica – AAAA by THE BOSS

  1. stonergirlbc20 (verified owner)

    fantastic sativa…….!!!

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