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$88/10g – Monkey Mints – Craft Top Shelf (AAAAA)

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Indulge in Monkey Mints Weed, an affordable and refreshing mint option, available at a generous 10g pack for only $88. Bursting with invigorating minty flavor, Monkey Mints are convenient, portable, and crafted with premium ingredients. Enjoy versatility and exceptional value with Monkey Mints, the go-to choice for mint enthusiasts.

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Are you looking for a refreshing minty delight at a Weed Store Near Me? Look no further than Monkey Mints Weed, an affordable option that promises to leave you craving for more. Dive into the delightful world of Monkey Mints Weed with its generous 10g pack priced at only $88.

Bursting with Minty Flavor:

Indulge in the carefully crafted Monkey Mints Weed, offering an explosion of minty flavor with each bite. These invigorating mints instantly freshen your breath and awaken your senses. Whether it’s an important meeting, a social gathering, or a desire for a pleasant minty treat, Monkey Mints has got you covered.

Convenient and Portable:

Monkey Mints ensures that freshness is always within reach. The compact and lightweight packaging allows you to carry these mints wherever you go. Slip them into your pocket, purse, or backpack, and bid farewell to worries of bad breath with Monkey Mints Weed by your side.

Exceptional Value:

Priced at just $88 for a 10g pack, Monkey Mints Weed offers unbeatable value for money. Each mint is carefully formulated to deliver a burst of flavor, ensuring that every penny spent on these mints is worth it. Treat yourself to the delightful taste of Monkey Mints without breaking the bank.

Quality Ingredients:

Experience the premium quality of Monkey Mints, crafted using only the finest ingredients. These mints are infused with high-quality mint extracts, creating a powerful and long-lasting freshness. Indulge in the pure pleasure of Monkey Mints and savor the quality with every bite.

Versatile Mint Treats:

Monkey Mints go beyond freshening your breath; they also satisfy your cravings for minty goodness. Enjoy these versatile mints after a meal, during a break, or whenever you desire a flavorful pick-me-up. Let your taste buds dance with joy as you experience the versatility of Monkey Mints.


In summary, Monkey Mints are an exceptional choice for mint lovers seeking an affordable and delicious way to freshen their breath. With their irresistible taste, convenient packaging, and exceptional value, Monkey Mints are the go-to mint treat. Try Monkey Mints today and treat yourself to a burst of refreshing minty flavor that will keep you coming back for more


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1 review for $88/10g – Monkey Mints – Craft Top Shelf (AAAAA)

  1. beebee23 (verified owner)

    The effects are most evident and linger mostly in the head, what a true daytime smoke

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