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BC Hemp Boss Vs. BudderWeeds

BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds are two of the many mail-order marijuana services in Canada, which are multiplying as more and more online dispensaries emerge. The online mail-order marijuana market is expected to soar given the current state of affairs.

A customer base that is growing even more quickly along with the market means that new customers require correct direction regarding which online cannabis dispensaries are the best and which ones to avoid. So we’ve made the decision to contribute in some little way to the community of weed enthusiasts, both new and old.

Customers require expert input on every area of possible suppliers to buy from because new mail-order marijuana websites are constantly being launched. A thoroughly researched comparison of all the best mail-order marijuana retailers is what we hope to offer!

Today, we examine BudderWeeds with BC Hemp Boss using the following comparison criteria: product selection, product quality, prices, special offers, and customer service. What are we waiting for then? Let’s start!

BudderWeeds versus BC Hemp Boss: Product Selection

So let’s look at the products that are being sold on both websites first. We will start by examining BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds since they are both largely devoted to the sale of cannabis, extracts, and edibles.

When comparing the cannabis flowers offered on the two websites, BudderWeeds has more than 120 different flowers, including sativas, indicas, and hybrids, making it the more broad selection. There is a noticeable difference between the two, even though BCHB appears to contain slightly more than half as many flowers (65 strains).

Every strain on BC Hemp Boss is meticulously selected and evaluated, making it a premier mail-order marijuana service. The BC Hemp Boss company has been in business longer than most dispensaries. This indicates that they have a level of industry expertise that is practically unsurpassed. A strict focus on product quality results from such an experience. They use the AAAAA grading system for almost all of the flowers they stock. The consumer now has a wide range of options within their strain of choice, whether it’s Nepalese Temple Ball Hash or a hybrid like Super Lemon Haze. Whileclaiming to be one of the top marijuana suppliers, BudderWeeds does not have such a system in place.

Both BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds provide concentrates, but BC Hemp Boss excels in this area as well. In comparison to BudderWeeds, which offers only 16 different types of concentrates, BCHB has a clear advantage with over 40 various types and brands of concentrates, including shatters, budders, organic rosins, and oils.

Moving on to edibles, BCHB has 35 products in its edibles category, whereas BudderWeeds has 32 distinct varieties of edibles that are for sale.

Compared to BCHB, BudderWeeds has a far smaller selection of products, although offering more flowers and edibles. With more goods accessible than BudderWeeds, BC Hemp Boss is a full-range mail-order marijuana retailer. Among them are various CBD extracts (BudderWeeds only carries four), numerous tinctures and topical creams, a variety of smoking accessories like rolling papers, high-end bongs, pipes, vac boxes, and lighters, a wide range of premium brands of vape pens, oils, and accessories, as well as pet and personal care items like CBD and THC-infused lip balms, bath bombs, and even creams for your pets.

The widest selection of items is offered online by BC Hemp Boss. You can get everything you need to know about marijuana here.

BudderWeeds vs. BC Hemp Boss: Customer Reviews of the Products

We looked at customer reviews from both websites to compare the product quality between BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds. We went online to both websites’ review pages to see what customers thought of the two cannabis retailers.

According to customer reviews posted on their website for each product, BudderWeeds receives an average rating of 4.5/5 stars for product quality. This indicates that their customers are satisfied and that they offer high quality products.

However, BC Hemp Boss frequently receives full 5-star reviews on their website for practically all of their items, demonstrating that their customers are quite happy. Given their strong emphasis on quality, this is hardly surprising. According to a BC Hemp Boss review, “Totally love this site. Every item I ever bought was of the highest calibre.

Although it may appear like there is stiff competition when comparing the product quality of BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds, BC Hemp Boss unquestionably holds the advantage when it comes to offering top-notch cannabis online because to their history and experience.

Prices between BudderWeeds and BC Hemp Boss

The primary distinction between the two marijuana suppliers comes here. Customers seeking marijuana through mail can shop at BC Hemp Boss, a comprehensive online dispensary. Conversely, BudderWeeds products can only be found at stores and official dispensaries around the nation.

Unfortunately, BudderWeeds does not provide any marijuana for sale online, and their goods’ prices are not indicated anywhere on their website. Here are the typical prices BC Hemp Boss charges its clients.

Cannabis buds cost between $88.00 and $260.00 on average for 1 ounce. A half oz of Concentrates Costs an Average of $258.

Customers always prefer to have access to product pricing before making a selection, which is where BC Hemp Boss has an advantage when it comes to pricing.

Promotions between BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds

After examining how these two dispensaries’ prices compare, let’s go on to their customer discounts and special offers.

BudderWeeds does not currently have any special deals or promotions for its clients, with the exception of a few discount coupons that can be found on outside websites. The average bargain is a 15% off discount across all strains, while the biggest discount, a flat 50% off, is only available on a few select strains.

In contrast, BCHB does well in this area; all one needs to do is visit their website to view all the promos they are now offering! These consist of a first-order discount, regular discounts and sales that can save you up to 25%, as well as loyalty and referral programmes!

In light of everything said above, BCHB is unquestionably the winner in this situation since in addition to having the most promotions and deals, they also have a dedicated referral programme!

Shipping and customer service between BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds

After confirming that BC Hemp Boss and BudderWeeds both provide some of the highest-quality marijuana on the Canadian market, shipping and customer support are the next crucial factors to consider.

In addition to offering free shipping on any orders over $149, BC Hemp Boss charges a regular shipping fee of $25 for all orders. This means that, excluding purchases for samples, almost all of your orders will be shipped for free.

Since BudderWeeds doesn’t provide any products for purchase online, customers are left with the additional expense and time of having to travel toa store themselves to pick up their marijuana. It is quite inconvenient in addition to adding to the price of the product.

Customers can expect one of the best levels of customer satisfaction from BC Hemp Boss, which also guarantees that your data is protected and that you receive your marijuana within one to three business days, at your doorstep. Such a system doesn’t exist at BudderWeeds.

Another perk that BC Hemp Boss provides for clients is a live chat service that is open 24/7 and staffed by knowledgeable customer care representatives who can assist customers in making the best decision.


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